Navigating north and south


Don’t mistake any of what I’m about to say as some idiot telling everyone to “just be more positive”, or that I assume that the struggle of the man living in Syria or Sierra Leone is the same struggle as the man living in Seattle or Sydney. They are not. I can not speak for, nor offer any advice to the man who lives in a war zone, is under the rule of a tyrannical dictatorship, is chained to religious extremism by blood and birth, does not know where his next meal is coming from e.t.c.

I do not speak to the man who’s bloodline has been thinned to the edge of extinction by genocide, or had his culture devalued, torn asunder and then sold to feeble minded western consumers in two bit tourist/cafe/knick knack shops.

I have nothing to offer these people because I don’t pretend to know anything about it. It isn’t my experience of life. I’m fortunate. I live a privileged life. I live in the west where apathy and entitlement reign, and there is no shortage of either to study.

Western apathy is a dirty thing. A symptom of our own material worldfucking. For a lot of people, living in the west affords them every freedom. The opportunity to live a full life. Yet so many are slaves to apathy. So many have a real chance at life but they have no clue what life is. They’re doing anything not to participate in it.

Life is duality. An electromagnetic double current of seemingly “good” and “bad” experienced at random for the duration of one’s residency on earth. People in the west get so caught up in the north and south of things that it stops them from getting runs on the board. “I’m north, but I want to be south”. “I’m south but I want to be north”. There are even those people that possess talent not known by most who hold back on harnessing their gifts because they are afraid of the end result, the outcome of their talent being out in the world. Afraid of failing. This is a harmful preoccupation with events that have not yet passed.

Be concerned with being present. Quit your job, quit your marriage, quit the lease on your car, quit your pay t.v subscription. If these things are preventing you from being present and knowing who you are, if they make you miserable, if they stop you participating and living life, burn them. Those who cry boredom and anxiety do so because they’re stuck in first gear, stuck in the slow lane, disabled from being present, hopelessly trying to speed up a listless life artificially by any means necessary. Anything that will tickle the reward centers of the brain triggered by stimulation of the neurotransmitters. Drugs, gambling, t.v, relationship drama, serial affairs, shopping addiction, travel addiction, credit card debt to fund fake lifestyles, keeping up with the Jones’. These are typical western dodges, most, including myself, will employ at least once in their life to not have to deal with the often painful prospect of knowing one self.

It’s a very rare individual that’s happy to be in their own company. The few that do are who I would deem to be “free”. When you’re running from who you are you’re running in the wrong direction and you will fall over. Stay in your pain, weather the storm, face your crisis with prestige and complete the mission. Learn whatever it is you are supposed to learn from the event. Don’t cheat yourself out of a chance to gain knowledge.

Life is an apprenticeship and every experience you live is a test you are offered. Whether you pass or fail is up to you, but you can not be a master without first being an apprentice. Forget about north and south, forget about good and bad. Focus instead on balancing the energy and frequency that needs to be mastered, conquered and shaped by acts of will in your life. Such a realisation makes a man who seeks knowledge dispassionate to the circumstances a subdued man would call himself a victim of. A man of knowledge situated in the north is ready to expect the south at any moment. He favours not one for the other because he welcomes the opportunity to master both . He seeks to master both at once. The aim is to balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive. Choose a path with heart and view everything not as a blessing or a curse, but merely as a challenge, and accept it without anxiety or regret for the outcome. Life is too short for regret. Life should be about getting runs on the board. He who dies with the most toys does not win, he with the most runs on the board does.