The Blog That Should Not Be


At heart I’m an isolationist. I have an increasing desire to detach myself from social media, the internet, t.v, multi national corporations, suburban living, and any other modernism you care to mention. I wish to isolate further. Live a life more in balance with the land and follow the natural cycles programmed in our D.N.A. Grow my own food and maybe rear my own animals. Fukushima, Monsanto, corrupted food and water supplies, bee colony collapse, Google, reality t.v, the billion dollar brothers and their government stooges are rendering all but a few precious corners of the globe impotent and I want no part of it. Alas, we are all faced with  the dilemma of having to take part in it to some extent, hence this blog.

I’m an isolationist but I am also an artist, and at this point in time I recognise if a man is serious about bringing his artistic vision to the world he must accept social media, the internet and other invasive technological conventions as par for the course. Tape trading has been dead and buried for many years replaced by mp3 streaming and blogging. There is no financial help to speak of from most labels anymore so as far as recording and releasing music is concerned the artist has to truly walk this path alone. A hard path to take, but as Don Juan told Carlos “a path is only a path and can be abandoned at any time without fear”. All that matters is where your intent lies on the path and your intent determines whether the path is true.

Survey says if you’re an artist, be it musical, visual, literal e.t.c, and you don’t have a blog  full of snappy dialogue and relevant content that everyone is reading and leaving comments on, the fate of your artistic vision is sealed! If you’re not steadily releasing digital panspermia with which to seed the interweb then you’re a nonentity.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

As artists we’re all trying to be relevant in the age of irrelevance. What about the age of reason? Only Australians and possibly some British at least thirty years of age will get that pop culture pun. The point is this,  people love to talk about themselves so much these days that there are innumerable websites, apps and assorted social media “worldfuckery” dedicated to giving the “worldfucked” a platform where they can incessantly open their digital pie holes 24/7 – 365. Everyone now has a voice. Excuse me while I choke on that thought and offer the stance that I’m personally not bowled over by what ninety nine percent of people have to say on the “interfacesookspace”. If I happen to latch on to a one percenter then it can be a great day, but the one percenter’s are usually fed up with the ninety nine percenter’s and only come out occasionally to give them grief or say something truly profound.

I feel the majority have missed the point of the internet and as such use it mostly as just another symptom of their “worldfucked” minds. Some kid in England I think it was needed extensive psychiatric care due to the complete mental melt down he suffered after taking an imperfect selfie! I’m sorry but if you’re gonna lie down with dogs you’re gonna wake up with fleas. Wake The Fuck Up! If you feel you’ve had enough and are sick of feeling like shit, if you don’t understand the meaning to any of this then cut all the dead weight from your life and transform yourself. Reject anything or anyone who is at odds with your development. Reject everything that’s stopping you from sleeping and fuels the endless dialogue in your brain. Learn about the food you’re eating and what it’s effects really are on your mind and body. If all you can think about all day is taking that next perfect selfie to chuck up on facey at the expense of your most basic human needs as they relate to survival, then I welcome Darwinism in all it’s evolutionary excellence to find it’s mark and to strike swift and true. If you survive the hammer of natural selection then congratulations, the warrior has been awoken within you and you can advance to the next stage of your universal apprenticeship.

The “Bohren & Der Club Of Gore” album I just played seems to have found me a tad philosophical and slightly off topic. Where was I?

Oh right… the internet and blogging and everybody whinging and making mediocre art and music and useless status update after useless status update. What I’m driving at here is that everywhere I look on the internet in regards to releasing music and getting it promoted, all roads lead back to the importance of blogging and social media, and how if you don’t take part in either of these grubby behaviours regularly you’ll be left behind. I guess the hostility in my darwinian fantasies above stem from the fact I’m a little bent out of shape at having to do this really. It’s just not my scene. Time was all you had to do was work hard and make something great, something with impact and feeling and the rest would take care of itself. Now you have to talk about everything. But not real talk, cyber talk. Mobile phones and texting have brought us to this. For anyone still reading whatever the fuck this is, you exhibit some willingness to suffer and I appreciate that so I’m going to choose here to end this first post. This is the blog that should not be. But as production for the THROES album draws to an end I need to start thinking about promoting it like everybody else. I will return to talk about ThrOes and the making of the debut full length album “This Viper Womb” next post.

Will Your Worth,


The Black Falconer