The Shock to the Guts.

Shocktotheguts w lyrics

When you realise what to do with the suffering life presents you with, the reasons why it is presenting you with it, and what it’s ultimate purpose is in your life you gain something crucial, awareness. Awareness is the key to understanding all components of your life, all the metaphysical sign posts that exist everywhere in your subtle, and non subtle environment. They are always being revealed to you, at all times, but are sadly missed by most. And usually at the most critical times of self development. And they are not missed due to ignorance. To miss them owing to ignorance implies that you had the awareness of their presence to begin with, and chose to ignore them anyway. Most people miss them because they simply lack the awareness of these things all together. They lack awareness in their life in general. There are those that do possess it to a level though. Awareness actually exists in everyone as the gut instinct, and we’re all guilty of having ignored this at some point, choosing instead to ignore the clarity of it’s guidance, defy our awareness and make a shit choice in spite of it. The gut instinct is the simplest part of our operating system and the least susceptible to bugs, crashes and data corruption. But it’s not entirely immune. The ego and the heart can derail it’s usually flawless operation. The gut instinct is a perfect protection processor we all get for free. It’s designed to circumvent the heart and the ego and serves to give us clarity over confusion. The gut instinct is the best sooth sayer there is. It’s remarkable. It can see the future and reveal it to you in less than a second. The shock to the guts!

Awareness allows the warrior mechanism. It allows one to adopt the form of the warrior as opposed to the hunter gatherer form. The warrior is only concerned with beating his own expectations. He wars for knowledge. He does not scavenge it. He knows when to war and when to isolate. When to be seen and when to be invisible. Due to being in a state of un-satiated hunger, the hunter gatherer can be prone to impatience, hostility, frustration, anger and will often suffer from self importance and self pity as they scavenge for validation through these traits. Some will even mistakenly view these traits, or even proclaim them proudly to be virtues. That is because they lack the awareness that in fact they are useless. They lack the honesty of self to be able to admit that all the above mentioned characteristics are not strengths, but are merely weaknesses in thrall to common garden variety boredom. Only boring people get bored. And the need for constant entertainment and stimulation are symptoms of someone who lacks the awareness to be able to master the physical/material manifestation of matter. Awareness, however, comes from beyond this manifestation. It comes from beyond the matter. To possess awareness and ignore it is to suffer defeat at your own hand. And without awareness everything a man considers extraordinary is actually completely ordinary and impedes his continual self development.

When you have a true hold of awareness there is no time for distractions, no time for seeking unearned praise, no time for talk – either internal or external that does not serve an impeccable purpose, no time for meaningless pursuits that should be spent going to war for something of importance, no time for games or to champion stupidity as genius.

Awareness allows a warrior to glimpse death and defy it anyway, even under the most threatening of circumstances because it gifts us the appropriate fear, respect and self assurance needed to evade it’s touch. Awareness can make even death an ally. You can make an ally of almost anything when you have a hold of awareness.

All of the above is code, and it’s hard wired into your gut. You’re lucky for that. Awareness will save your life.

So the next time you feel that shock to the guts pay it the respect it deserves.