Let It Be Known!

THROES Dissident sigil

So here is another necessary artistic statement of intent from ThrOes. Now that the debut album “This Viper Womb” is in the final stages of preparing for release I have had to do some digging around to see what labels and zines are active today. Who has a strong presence and is reaching people. Things have changed so much since I started writing the earliest material in 2003. Now that I am looking around a bit I’ve discovered a few things. Firstly the internet has spawned a myriad of weak and trendy labels that lack continuity and power in their direction and ethos and I am unable to determine what their true creative intention is, I can’t help but see persons just wanting to run an internet label. A lot of them are going to the bother of releasing quality packaging for the artists which is great, and a lot have pretty decent websites. But I must confess that nearly every artist I check out on their rosters leaves me unimpressed and feeling like they are trying too hard to be some new artsy thing. This is how they are removing themselves from the established names of the established genres. This is something I understand, and I also support. The problem is I don’t believe any of it. It feels like there is a whole wave of bands calling themselves “post” this, “gaze” that, “transcendental” this, and on and on. I’m sorry but it’s all pretentious dribble to me lacking in substance and artistic depth and I’m astounded at how well some of these flimsy bands are doing and how much press they are receiving. This means nothing to me. I’m just surprised. Well, maybe not all the way. Mediocrity seems to reign with an iron fist these days.

Now it’s not just me. In looking into labels and zines I’ve noticed a few making very stern statements similar to this:

I respect this because as I am now forced to poke my head back in to the scene I can see it’s inundated with this trendy meaningless third rate lies passed off as high art just because some twits with silly haircuts say it’s high art. Evolved! Pffft. An artist can say anything they want about they’re work but if they’re work can not back this up then you are just jumping on band wagons and speaking in ways that is clearly just marketing for impressionable suckers.

Let me stand up tall once again and state FIRMLY for the record that I am not a part of any of this. I spent many long years divorced entirely from every type of metal scene there is, long before any of what’s going on now started happening and becoming the new trend. I was extremely isolated from any other metal music, letting ThrOes evolve organically and independently of anything else. I didn’t really listen to much metal between 2005 right up till now to be honest, except for the odd album that I worshipped. This is one reason I think ThrOes sounds so original, which leads me to my next point.

For me ThrOes is very much it’s own style. I haven’t heard anything else that sounds like it. If someone else can show me a band that sounds like the music I have made I would welcome the chance to hear it. As far as intent goes, a band like Bethlehem reminds me of ThrOes because no one else sounds like them. They do their own thing which is not pretentious, it is just how they write music. Some of the most original music in metal, and any genre for that matter that I have ever heard. They knew they were individuals and they dubbed themselves as “Dark Metal”, a term that had not been used before. A bunch of bands started adopting the term after that but they didn’t have much in common with Bethlehem because no other band does. Bethlehem are Bethlehem.

As I’ve mentioned on my official Facebook page when I started writing ThrOes I dubbed it Trance Metal. It wasn’t Black Metal, it wasn’t Death Metal, it wasn’t Doom Metal but it was heavily preoccupied with creating real hypnotic states within the music whilst also being very heavy. No one else was using this term and I was happy to represent it. Recently I’ve found out that this is a term now being used and some of the examples of bands I’ve heard using it unfortunately turn me off big time and they sound nothing at all like my ThrOes. I also don’t find anything hypnotic about them at all. Obviously this is a term that exists, and has been in use now for 3 or 4 years from what I can gather, before I got my work this far. No longer do I choose to use this term to represent my sound.

I have made a stance to again act alone. I stand by the fact that I feel ThrOes does not sound like anything else in metal. I feel it is in opposition to 90% of metal on a stylistic and thematic level and I do not care one bit about belonging to a group or limiting my style to a few enforced adjectives by authorities I do not follow.
I now refer to ThrOes as “Dissident Metal”.

a person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state.
dissenter, objector, protester, disputant; freethinker, nonconformist, independent thinker; rebel, revolutionary, recusant, renegade; subversive, agitator, insurgent, insurrectionist, insurrectionary.

This is who I am. In life and in art. Anyone who really knows me knows this to be true. This is not a gimmick. This is what my music is. The term describes it with absolutism and total self belief. Any established “genre terminology” is archaic and unsatisfactory to me as an artist and I will not use it. ThrOes does not belong to any of it. ThrOes is Dissident Metal. This is the only way I will refer to it. It is descriptive of not only the sound, but the lyrics, the art, the way the album was made and the artistic intent behind all of it. It is a complete rejection of many things and scene authority is certainly one of them.

ThrOes is Dissident Metal!
If you will not review or listen to my music because this is how I refer to it, because this is displeasing to your rigid framework of genre classification I will not be losing any sleep over this. I stand by the music and the music speaks for itself.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!


The Black Falconer

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