Permanent Midnight


It’s been a bit over a year since my first “blog post”. My silence has been deliberate. My family and I relocated at the beginning of 2015 and in May my first born son hit planet earth. These events were life changing and 2015 has been full. Despite 95% of work on the album being completed a year ago there is still the final push to come, the promotion and organising of release and delivery formats to be handled, the tedious social media admin e.t.c. This can take just as much from the individual as every other completed aspect of production, and after putting in three solid years of work I honestly wanted nothing to do with it for a year. As a result I’ve had an uninterrupted 8 months of getting to know my son. It’s been the best 8 months of my life and the distance between me and ThrOes has been crucial to both me and the project. I’m renewed, my focus is singular and my perspective is clear. Once mixing was complete it had become almost impossible for me to be objective toward the work. Distance cleans out the brain and the ears, all my senses are fresh, renewed and once again hungry. The songs are weighty and muscular, vicious and coated in an impenetrable layer of anxiety, anger, fear, judgement and triumph. They embody the intention from which they were written. They embody my life. So work has resumed and I’m recharged, and here is the first taste of what’s to come.  This is the opening track from the album. This is “Permanent Midnight”.

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